The Jungle Rules Trilogy begins with the middle book, followed by a sequel and then a prequel.  Jungle Rules opens with the mysterious ‘Carlos’ leading a four-man team into the jungle hideout of Colombia’s most notorious drug kingpin.  The year is 1998.  Carlos is a mercenary with a mid-life crisis.  His CIA handlers abuse him, and he has begun to question whether his actions make a difference.  He is addicted to adrenaline, but he really wants to be a husband with an ordinary life.  The problem is that he has no woman and no marketable skills beyond killing bad men.  He is also a tactical genius with three teammates who would follow him anywhere.  They kidnap the kingpin and make it back to Virginia unharmed.

Carlos, whose real name is Carl Malinowski, goes back to Washington and his covert profession as a technical writer of special operations field doctrine.  His men go back to Virginia Beach to work their odd jobs and wait for the next mission.  Carl then meets Gabriele, the girl of his dreams, and begins to live a double life.  As he falls in love and comes to the brink of a decision to leave his warrior existence, blowback from the Colombia mission forces him to return to the jungle.  Gabriele leaves him after finding out what he really does for a living, and Carl is devastated.  But the American ambassador has been kidnapped by the cartel and Carl must free him.  Then Carl and his men learn that the cartel is not alone in wanting them dead…

In Book Two (A More Perfect Union), the year is 1999.  Carl is killed while saving hundreds of civilians from a white nationalist terrorist bombing at the Air and Space Museum in Washington.  Gabriele, the hero’s wife, is approached by the FBI to become the confidential informant the bureau needs in order to arrest the bombing suspects.  Gabriele goes undercover with Carl’s closest teammate, Jerry Tompkins, and joins the Militia of Wyoming to gather evidence (with no ‘domestic terrorism’ law, the FBI requires a lot of evidence).  Posing as a neo-Nazi, the German-born Gabriele plays her part as Jerry’s wife.  Then all hell breaks loose.  The militia’s inner circle continues their bombing campaign then tries to attack Silicon Valley with anthrax delivered by small plane.  Gabriele is unmasked by the terrorists as Jerry tries to stop the bio-terrorism attack that will kill a million Californians.  Jerry and his longtime teammate (providing clandestine support) take out all the terrorists.  Love waits for Jerry and Gabriele at the end of their ordeal.

The third book in the trilogy (Revenge of the Dictator) takes readers back to 1993, several years after the American government removed Manuel Noriega from power in Panama.  Carl Malinowski is still in the Navy, serving as a SEAL officer at Special Operations Command South.  Noriega, dealing from his prison cell in Florida, offers to pay his cartel friends for taking revenge on the Americans and their Panamanian poodles.  The first act of revenge is the simple kidnapping of a Panama Canal pilot.  Lacking military forces, the government of Panama turns to the American CIA to quietly resolve the hostage crisis.  LCDR Malinowski is seconded to CIA for the mission and takes with him the three teammates he trusts more than anyone.  After the mission, Carl retires from the Navy and becomes a hired gun for the CIA.  He and his men live the mercenary life for five years, risking it all and having a great time.  Then Carl’s questions begin…

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