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Thrillers to make you think...

The Jungle Rules Trilogy presents thrillers to make you think.  In this blog, I would like to talk about the important issues that underlie the page-turning narratives.  My view is that we can all learn a lot from fiction, but only if we have a forum for discussing the dialogue that underpins the action.  The image of a fence - connected by posts - represents the lines of conversations I'd like to feature in this space.  I solicit your comments to help build that metaphorical fence, leading us to a deeper understanding of leadership, loyalty, love, morality, corruption, drugs, terrorism, and other topics I have woven into the stories.  Let's get started!


Guns and the American People

“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” We hear this a lot from the right side of the political spectrum. “It’s too easy to get a gun and too easy to kill with it,” the left responds. The extreme view … Read More

Turning Stories into Novels

All great writers are good storytellers. Not all good storytellers are great writers. How does a writer go from merely telling stories to writing novels with substance; books that leave the reader with something important to think about? In other … Read More

Living the Terrorist Dream

Living the Terrorist Dream Hitler had one. Mussolini had one. Jefferson Davis’s Confederacy had one. Osama bin Ladin had one. Now the American right wing has one – a dream that will never come true. Tragically, these and other historical … Read More

“Lovemarks” in Literature

The term “literature” covers a lot of ground.  Ordinarily, literature is thought to be writing that has appealed to a large number of readers over a long period of time.  So-called “classic” literature is sometimes measured according to four criteria: … Read More

What Drives Terrorism?

What Drives Terrorism?  There have been countless terrorist attacks all over the world for years. Terror attacks have a long history and are still a current threat. In a span of one year, one cannot count how many terror incidents … Read More

Writer’s Blog, Part II

So… having published one novel, I began examining possible scenarios for the sequel.  As a SEAL, and as an academic, I had developed a keen interest in terrorism (and some expertise in counter terrorism).  I thought my characters would be … Read More

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