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Thrillers to make you think...

The Jungle Rules Trilogy presents thrillers to make you think.  In this blog, I would like to talk about the important issues that underlie the page-turning narratives.  My view is that we can all learn a lot from fiction, but only if we have a forum for discussing the dialogue that underpins the action.  The image of a fence - connected by posts - represents the lines of conversations I'd like to feature in this space.  I solicit your comments to help build that metaphorical fence, leading us to a deeper understanding of leadership, loyalty, love, morality, corruption, drugs, terrorism, and other topics I have woven into the stories.  Let's get started!


Al Qaeda, American Style

Al Qaeda, American Style I have just completed the second novel in what I call The Jungle Rules Trilogy .  A More Perfect Union is the fictional account of a woman seeking revenge against white nationalist terrorists for killing her … Read More

The Contested Concept of Terrorism

The Contested Concept of Terrorism Paul Shemella is a retired Captain of the U.S. Navy SEAL who dedicated most of his military service to planning and executing counter-terrorism operations in regions like Latin America and Europe. Over the last decade, … Read More

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