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Thrillers to make you think...

The Jungle Rules Trilogy presents thrillers to make you think.  In this blog, I would like to talk about the important issues that underlie the page-turning narratives.  My view is that we can all learn a lot from fiction, but only if we have a forum for discussing the dialogue that underpins the action.  The image of a fence - connected by posts - represents the lines of conversations I'd like to feature in this space.  I solicit your comments to help build that metaphorical fence, leading us to a deeper understanding of leadership, loyalty, love, morality, corruption, drugs, terrorism, and other topics I have woven into the stories.  Let's get started!


Jungle Rules Explained

Jungle Rules Explained I was first introduced to the term “Jungle Rules” as a young athlete.  Playing by these rules meant playing by no rules at all.  As a child, I pushed back against all rules, and roughness in sports … Read More

Christian Terrorists?

Now there’s an oxymoron!  How is it that a Christian (or any religious person) can justify using violence as a means to create a better world?  The “Christian Identity” movement reached a crescendo in the 1990s, but splinter groups still … Read More

Novels About White Nationalist Terrorism

Americans, since 9/11, have become quite familiar with the threat of terrorism from fanatical Muslims around the world.  They are less knowledgeable—and the American government appears less concerned—about the terrorist threat from its own citizens.  For decades, there has been … Read More

Jungle Rules Trilogy

The Jungle Rules Trilogy begins with the middle book, followed by a sequel and then a prequel.  Jungle Rules opens with the mysterious ‘Carlos’ leading a four-man team into the jungle hideout of Colombia’s most notorious drug kingpin.  The year … Read More

Stories of Transition

I have always been fascinated by transitions. I am sure that growing up at the beach had something to do with it. The meeting of sand and surf, sometimes tranquil, often dramatic, inspired me with a lifelong appreciation of change. … Read More

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