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To all who read this I ask for patience. This is my first personal website, and I am learning how to use it. I look forward to discussing why I write, what I write, and why I think the writing is both entertaining and important.  In the Jungle Rules Trilogy I am creating what I call “thrillers with substance”.  I want to make sure that substance shines through the fast-moving narratives.  Your comments will help me a great deal, both to write better books and to explain the fine points of the stories. More later.

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  • Paul, the site is well organized and content rich. I enjoy reading about your creative methodology, and from your bio, it is obvious you are coming from a real world perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed Jungle Rules and look forward to the release of your second book. I also found it helpful to have a list of the books you have written and edited on the subject of terrorism

    • Thanks, Chris. I will use the blog space to talk about the issues that underlie the narrative of all three books. There will be some convergence between the fiction and the academic work listed. I think we can all learn a lot from fiction, and I will try and make mine worthy of extra thought.

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