Top Secrets to Writing Better Trilogies

If you notice, there is a trend going on of book adaptations; trilogies are thriving. There is an amazing reason why trilogies are popular. Apart from the fact that the trilogy gives you extended stories, trilogies also provide excellent narratives. Therefore, if you have been an avid fan, you should know how to write a trilogy. Nevertheless, you should know that writing one takes a village. Not only do you have to be committed to writing three books, but you also have to spend time and effort making all three interesting.

All the trilogy you see in the market required research and planning for them to be great books. Looking into Paul Shemella’s the Jungle Rules Trilogy, you will see how much work you’ll have to achieve a great one. This captivating and daring trilogy are worth the fans’ time.

In this blog, you will learn how to come up with an amazing narrative for trilogies. Below are the top secrets authors use to writing better trilogies:

Read Trilogies Across Genres

You may already have a genre in mind, but you cannot limit the possibility that you can still be fascinated to write for others. You will never know that a genre could suit your writing and preference so perfectly. Hence, reading books across genres is a great idea. It could spark something you never knew you had in you. Fortunately, you can find tons of trilogies in every genre. Mostly, trilogies are more famous in sci-fi, fantasy, YA, and dystopian fiction. But most likely, you can always find it everywhere. They also say that you learn best from others, so you could learn so much about writing techniques by doing this. This will also help you know the ropes of your genre. Not necessarily will you have to read trilogies; books will also provide you with this. The Dictator’s Revenge by Paul Shemella is also a great read, providing you with amazing learnings.

Prepare Your Three-Part Plot

Remember that you have to make your story as coherent as possible. So, before starting your actual writing process, you want to make sure that you have prepared and have overarched your plot. You don’t have to worry about messily overarching everything. You can always free-write plot strands and hold them in your mind. When you have enough brainstormed ideas, organizing them in your notes. You can always get your plot stands from your characters.

Provide Great Endings

Thinking that you will not focus on giving your readers great endings on the first and second novels will not do you good. It would help if you remembered that you want to entice them to read the next ones. It would be best if you tied up some loose ends to make them want to know what happens next. Give your readers satisfying endings that can live up to the build-up of the next part. It would help if you also left some untied loose ends so your readers will not predict the story too much. Speaking of predicting stories, you should also make sure that you are providing plot twists. Plot twists are creative ways to surprise your readers. Introducing a radical change to what your readers think might happen will excite them even more.

Know What Your Readers Want

Listening to what your readers want will make your narrative better. Readers have creative minds as well. They would probably have ideas on what they want to read. After you have published the first part, you may want to read reviews of the book. What is their favorite part? Who are their favorite characters? From there, you want to make sure that you highlight these factors in the next ones. You will probably see some negative reviews. However, you should make use of them by making the next books better.

Ultimately, the most important part of writing is that you enjoy the process very well. You need to make sure that you are not letting the pressure of publishing a book get to you. Remember why you wrote a book in the first place. It is your passion. No matter what, you should always trust the process. Hopefully, you have gotten some insights from this blog. Good luck on your journey to writing a best-seller trilogy!

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