Heroes and Villains

Paul Shemella in fatigues in jungleWhy read the Jungle Rules Trilogy?  Because these are human stories with real characters doing extraordinary things in dangerous places.  Read the books on two levels: page-turning thrillers, as well as parables of good and evil.  The heroes – both men and women – face impossible odds, but they come away (mostly) victorious.  And the reader learns something along the way.  These stories are thrillers for thinking men and women.  Readers will empathize with the heroes, hate the villains, and wrestle with the issues surfaced long after finishing the books.

I started writing novels because I was tired of reading thrillers without substance.  I have tried to provide sustained energy rather than just a sugar high.  You tell me if I’ve done that effectively.  I look forward to discussing both elements of these novels.  The second book is coming later this year – http://www.paulshemella.com/the-jungle-rules-trilogy.  If you like these books, tell your friends.  If you don’t like them, tell me.  I can tell you one thing up front – all the tactics and behaviors I write into the books are realistic and believable (not the typical macho fantasy).  Please see my Goodreads account for additional thoughts and reviews – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5354176.Paul_Shemella

I hope you get as much pleasure from reading the trilogy as I am getting from writing it.  More later.

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